Cells differentiated photo to adipose tissue and of a 3D culture of keratinocytes


Keratolab registry number of Madid's Community Laboratory Network

Keratolab is a cell culture laboratory specialized in murine and human skin cell primary cultures, which belongs to the Madrid's Community Laboratory Network.

The skin epithelial cells or keratinocytes culture represents a challenge due to the propensity for terminal differentiation of this cell type. To preserve its regenerative capacity, the expansion of keratinocytes requires the use of feeder cells that act as mechanical and metabolic support. On the contrary, fibroblasts have lower basic nutritional requirements and do not need feeder layers for their cultivation.

Keratolab offers isolation and expansion services of keratinocytes and fibroblasts obtained from skin biopsies. It also offers tissue engineering services through the generation of 3D cultures for modeling skin diseases and therapeutic trials. Likewise, Keratolab offers the possibility of genetic modification in these cell types through the use of different viral vectors.

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