Researchers of Biomedical Innovation performing a flow cytometry analysis


Different statistical studies reveal a high presence of women in the biosanitary sector, representing more than 70% of students in 2019. Despite this, the presence of women in managerial positions is still considerably lower than that of men. That is why in Biomedical Innovation we actively work to narrow the gender gap and increase the representation of women in high-level and decision-making positions.

Currently, the distribution of personnel in Biomedical Innovation is as follows:

Gender distribution in Biomedical Innovation Unit


The different members of Biomedical Innovation collaborate with the CIEMAT Equality Group and the Gender Equality Working Group CIEMAT-FP Unit , to give visibility to the work of the group's scientists and promote the scientific vocation in subsequent generations.


Biomedical Innovation Researchers participating in equality activities


Some of the activities in which we participate: 


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