PhD student of Biomedical Innovation Unit giving a seminar on the results obtained in his research


The Biomedical Innovation Seminars cycle is given both by members of the group, in which the advances in the different lines of research are showed, and by external guests, in which important scientific advances are exposed.

In addition, Biomedical Innovation gives training seminars for the use of their different facilities, aimed at students and researchers who join the Unit.

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Title: Carcinoma escamoso de cabeza y cuello: modelos de enfermedad y detección temprana
Speaker: Ramón García Escudero,
Date: 21st March 2024

Title: Conclusions of the Phase I/II Clinical trial in patients with Fanconi anemia
Speaker: Juan Antonio Bueren
Date: 07th March 2024

Title: Telomere Biology Disorders: Modeling, Characterization and Gene Therapy Strategies
Speaker: Diego Llorente
Date: 22nd February 2024

Title: Liquid biopsy in bladder cancer. Towards precision medicine using non-invasive tools.  New strategies for targeted therapy based in GEmAbs
Speaker: Marta Dueñas
Date: 08th February 2024

Title: Effect of Aptamers in wound healing and hair growth promotion
Speaker: Manuel Mataix
Date: 01st February 2024

Title: Targeting Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells by Prime editing: a promising approach in Fanconi anemia
Speaker: Beatriz Olalla Sastre
Date: 25th January 2024