Photo of the X-ray facility


This radioactive facility mainly consists of X-ray equipment for the irradiation of both cells and experimental animals. It is a Philips MG324 X-ray equipment that complies with the criteria and standards of Radiological Protection set out in the legislation (Regulation on Nuclear and Radioactive Installations, 7/21/72 and Regulation on health protection against ionizing radiation 12/8/82-85/11/87). Exposure measurements are made with the Farmer 2570 dosimeter from Nuclear Enterprises and the 0.6 cm3 ionization chamber model 2571 from the same firm. The chamber is calibrated in the Nuclear Enterprises laboratory and later, in the Official Calibration Laboratory of the Ciemat Metrology Division, at a quality of 100 KV and a hemireductive layer of 4.03 mm Al. The stability of the chamber is checked monthly, through a source of Sr90 type 2503/3 (Nuclear Enterprises).